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heroimageMill Street With Telegraph Lines, circa 1900


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June 3, 2017 — September 30, 2017



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Rural School Room


Our Pine River Valley rural school room displays a book case, teacher's desk, student desks and black board. Artifacts and stories are shared here by the residents of the valley who attended school in similar rooms. We have pictures of students & report cards! In addition, we have the Columbus School Tower Bell located just outside our one room school. It can still be rung!

Blacksmith Display


Ranch tools, brands, tackle and saddle used by local ranchers are in the Blacksmith shop.



This is an old kitchen stove and various utensils utilized before automation took over it's duties.

Tiffany Post Office


The front of the post office — originally located in Tiffany, Colorado

Soda Fountain


These are some of the items that were in the museum building when it had a soda fountain. The stool is original and can be seen in the photos taken at that time.

Hats & Toys


Various hats, old clothing and toys from days gone by.

Wooden Water Line


A piece of wooden water pipe — originally from the City of Bayfield water system.

Tack Room


Ranch tools, brands, tackle and saddle from the local ranchers.

Sheep Camp Display


Visit our replica sheep wagon to learn about sheep trailing and high country grazing. Made in conjunction with the San Juan Mountain Association.

1930 Organ


Evelyn Gosney Wommer bought this organ for $600.00 from Montgomery Wards. This was before the time of electricity in homes. Dan Gosney remembers his mother playing the organ some, but not a lot as it was difficult to pump. Evelyn lived to be 101 ½ years old.

WWI Exhibit


This is the uniform of Mr. Ostwalt, who served in the US Army from 1918 - 1919. He was shipped to Europe in July 1918 as a member of the medical corp. His complete kit is on display in the museum. Donated by LT Ostwalt.

WWII Exhibit


Using artifacts, photos and old newspapers, the WWII display tells a grim tale — more than 21 percent of Bayfield’s 80 soldiers died in the conflict.

Crank-up Record Player


Sharon Koval Hunter donated this 1923 portable, crank-up record player and Glenn Miller 78s

Wooden Wheelchair


The Engler family donated the vintage, wooden wheelchair, which has a rear wheel like a rudder for steering.

Veterinarian's Bag


The Merrill family donated a vintage veterinarian's bag and medicines once used by local vet Kenneth Grush in the mid 1900s.

Pioneer Project


Tony & Anne Schrier prepared an exhibit that retraces the journeys of longtime Pine River Valley residents. If you can't see the exhibit in person at the museum, you can read about in at the Pine River Times.