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heroimageMill Street, circa 1922 (Photo courtesy of Colorado Historical Society)

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If you would like to join the Pine River Valley Heritage Society, download the membership form and return it to us. Our bylaws and current newsletter are also available. Bayfield High School Freshman toured the museum recently and left great comments and feedback.


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All memberships are for one year, except for lifetime membership.

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Board of Directors

Dennis Hillyer, President

Tony Schrier, Vice President/Treasurer

Carole McWilliams, Secretary

The Board of Directors of the Society are elected by its members at the annual meeting held in January of each year. The society holds meetings the second Tuesday of every month at 4:00 PM (except December) at the Lion's Hall in Bayfield. All members and visitors are welcome.

The Board is comprised of a President, Vice President and three Directors who are elected. The Board then appoints the Secretary, Treasurer and Museum Director. In order to preserve continuity of our mission, the Vice President of the current year will become the President of the following year. The outgoing President will remain on the Board for one more year as advisor. One Director is elected for two years and the other two for three years. The membership then elects the new Vice President.